The New York Times Gay Euphemism Generator

The New York Times published an article about the outing of a gay congressman without naming him. Moreover, Times writers often criticize outlets that name closeted public figures. J.K. Trotter, however, notes various occasions on which Times writers have used clever turns of phrase to intimate that a person is gay.

By exposing these euphemisms, however, Trotter has ruined everything. How will columnists now gossip about known homosexuals while maintaining a pretense of journalistic propriety? I thought I would help out today by putting together this Gay Euphemism Generator, styled on the most winking and unverifiable insinuations published at The Times and other respectable broadsheets, and formed of only the finest constructions harvested from their archives.

" his , , he

"He with ."

"His contained pictures of him and reportedly followed that of ."

"Though he is by friends, reportedly find his interest in ."

"He ."

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