This Day in Blogging History: Edward Tufte on Aaron Swartz; Public domain kids' graphics; Walt Beanpole

One year ago today

Edward Tufte on Aaron Swartz and his own hacking career: At Saturday's memorial to Aaron at the Cooper Union in NYC, Tufte remembered both Aaron and his own hacking career, inventing "blue boxes" and using them to make illegal calls on AT&T's network, and wondered about what would have become of him had he run into the same prosecutorial zeal as Aaron faced.

Five years ago today

Public-domain childrens' graphics: Grandma's Graphics hosts a really lovely collection of web-resolution public domain children's artwork, perfect for design projects.

Ten years ago today
Silly Disney songs: Walt Beanpole are comedy-rockers with a penchant for writing silly songs about Disney parks. [Note: I have been hoping that these folks would come back ever since they shut down their site, but it seems gone for good. Walt Beanpole, are you out there? Please come back, we miss you!]