Crowdfunding a global version of the zombpocalypse disaster-preparedness game

Jenny writes, "A few years ago I created a Zombie Apocalypse Training Game in San Francisco as a way to teach urban disaster preparedness skills through play. We armed players with smartphones and nerfguns, and they ran around the city completing challenges like "light a bbq without matches" or "bandage a burn wound" all while being chased by zombies. It was a huge success, and led to other local zombie disaster preparedness games. Now I'm working to develop this game nation-wide."

In the past 3 years, I have produced over 300 games around the world with The Go Game. I know how to design games for leadership development, teambuilding, skill training, marketing and just pure ridiculous fun. But my passion? Empowering communities through games.

I decided to apply for the Millennial Trains Project. If I get accepted onto the train in March, I can spend 10 days traveling across the country collecting data to design games that will address tornados, wildfires, floods and hurricanes.

Disaster Preparedness Gaming

(Thanks, Jenny!)