Tentacled octopus watch

The Kudoktopus watch is the €30,000 creation of Stefan Kudoke in collaboration with Maria and Richard Habring. Out of my price range by a damned sight, but it gives me pleasure to consider a timepiece with such tentacly wonderfulness lurking within its display face.

"We are organic!" – With this motto and sustainability in daily practice Maria and Richard Habring, alias Habring², set new standards within the branch. While brands with industrial background still define their products using the term "luxury" the two of them are already a step ahead. They call themselves the "Organic Farmers" of watch production. Moreover the avowed animal lovers and owners of a dachshund accepted another adoption. The godchild answers to an admittedly unusual name:

As its two-year-old brother „KudOktopus" it belongs to the cephalopod species. Its "father" Stefan Kudoke did not skimp on anything spoiling it with various features. It can be admired from all angles through two sapphire glasses of the 42 mm case made of stainless steel. The Alligator strap and folding clasp holds it firmly at the wrist.

KUDOKE meets Habring²

(via Wil Wheaton)