Jennifer Greenburg's photos of people who live like they are in the 1950s

Many years ago I wrote a science fiction story for Wired called "Retro-a-Go-Go." It was about a gated community (the Bungalow Heaven RetroClave) where anything made after 1959 was prohibited. These photos by Jennifer Greenburg are of people who would fit right in!

The subjects in Jennifer Greenburg's photos not only dress like it's the 1950s, they also drive cars and decorate their houses as if Eisenhower were still in office. They're part of the Rockabilly community, which Greenburg has spent more than a decade photographing.

"There are people out there who very legitimately want to imitate the 1950s," she says. "They move to the suburbs, have the two kids and live a behind a white picket fence."

Greenburg has published a book of her photos, called The Rockabillies