Kickstarting a backlit steampunk Nixie clock

Kyle writes, "I just launched my first Kickstarter for this Steampunk flavoured Nixie clock in black walnut or (optionally) purpleheart. Comes with a proper adaptor for whichever country you should happen to live, and has a customizable triple LED backlight (over 700 colour choices!)."

Kyle's bio shows a long career in prop production and other makerish pursuits, suggesting that he's capable of fulfilling commissions on deadlines. Clocks start at CAD$549.

The Steampunk Nixie Clock is a project I have been wanting to undertake for some time now. As is often the case it seems, the development of this project arose out of my looking for a something (in this case custom Nixie clock) that turned out to be either non-existent, or not quite what I was looking for when I found it. The steampunk Nixie clocks that I had seen on the market were either a little too minimalist (tubes sticking up out of a sleek case) or too engineered and expensive (custom milled brass, $1000+ etc). If I was going to make a clock I would aim for a middle ground between these two opposite ends of the spectrum. I wanted something that could be affordable, but also showcased beautiful wood and a high quality of design and finish. This clock is the end result of that effort.

Steampunk Nixie Tube Clock

(Thanks, Kyle!)