'Mr. TSA Man (Coming into Los Angeles),' protest filk by Boing Boing reader based on a Xeni tweet

Boing Boing reader Wayne Myers just whipped up an entire filk (nerd folk) song based on a tweet I posted from the TSA screening zone in an airport overseas.

"Xeni posted the chorus on Twitter about eight hours ago," he says. "With her permission, I filled in the rest of the filk."

Pretty bad ass! I love it! Wayne, you're awesome. If you don't know what filk is, check out this 2005 piece I did for NPR on the genre.

Lyrics below:

Coming in from Hamburg from 30C3
Flying on a SuperSaver
Left my toothpaste in the hotel room
Could I ever feel much safer?

Coming into Los Angeles
Bringing my cryptography keys
Don't touch my laptop if you please
Mister TSA man

There's a guy with a ticket to Burning Man
Says he's safe from the war on terror
They can't own your phone if you left it home
Think it might have been @ioerror

Coming into Los Angeles…

Hip woman walking on a moving floor
Heading for the escalator
TSA ween on the scanning machine
Saved the scans of her for later

Coming into Los Angeles…

For the young 'uns who don't get the reference: it's an Arlo Guthrie hit.