Come play 'Badass Dragons of the Wasteland,' our BBS door game

Characters are still being characterized! The Adventure is just adventing! There is still room for you!

Here is what our GM, Donald, wants you to know:

Hey everybody, we're getting a door game started over in the Games category of the BoingBoing BBS, and we could use another 17 players before we max out our enrollment. Badass Dragons of the Wasteland is a spiritual successor to the wildly successful Badass Space Dragon that we played over several weeks last fall in BBS. Rather than the space-pirate mundane that was BSD, this time it's Postapocalyptic Vehicular Mayhem set in the fairly near future, after famine, zombies, and a nuclear war have clobbered flat the world as we know it.

Everything's there: cannibal rednecks, sea monsters, heavy artillery, radioactive fallout, giant scorpions, heavily modified muscle cars, animated GIFs, and a mother's dream to save her child by shipping him off… to Mars?

If this sounds intriguing and you have time to kill, check out the Introduction thread right here, and then you can blow your lunch hour reading the entries in the Signup thread (a good way to familiarize yourself with our merry band of reprobates) and the Round One thread still in progress. The game will be fun just to watch, but if you want a piece of the action, post a character name, vehicle Class (as described in the Introduction), and a Year, Make, and Model of your vehicle in the Signup thread. The first seventeen applicants who can post an entry in that thread meeting the requirements outlined in the Introduction are in. We'll roll your stats and then you can make your Round One mission choices in the Round One thread. Those choices are due by Sunday evening at 8:00 PM, PST, but we're lenient with deadlines this first Round. Still, the clock's ticking, and I suspect the seventeen slots will go pretty quickly, so get your postapocalyptic ass in gear!

See you out in the Wasteland!