Candy Quest: a text-adventure in defiance of the stupid Candy Crush trademark

Inspired by the news that -- creators of the game "Candy Crush" -- had received a trademark on the use of the words "candy" and "saga" in connection with video games (and other things) and were using it to censor its competition, Michael Brough's created a fun -- and trenchant -- text-adventure called Candy Quest 3: Edge of Sweetness. It's part of The Candy Jam, an indie game-jam created entirely to troll the butthead corporate overlords at

Congratulations! You are now a level 1 Lollipop Witch.

The twilit streets of the doom-beset village lie before you. The candy school is open for lessons. The general store is closed. To the south a path leads into the woods. A mountain hovers overhead.

You have 3 candollars. Doom is 0% averted.

Learn at the candy school.
Wander into the woods.
Climb the mountain.

Candy Quest 3: Edge of Sweetness

(via Waxy)