Why Do the Super-Rich Keep Comparing Obama to Hitler?

Matthew O'Brien explains the peculiar super-rich habit for comparing Obama to Hitler. It's because:

1. They Feel Powerless

2. And They Might Not Ever Get Our Power Back.

3. Now the Rich Are the Victims.

Much sarcasm here, natch. But he never gets to why they compare him to Hitler, specifically; let alone why not a socialist of similar historical infamy, such as Stalin. I think it's basically because Hitler = evil and that's just how thickly guys like Perkins cut their political wood.

Some people are unburdened by the details of history. Some of those people just go with the first simple, evocative comparison that pops into their heads. Some of those people are wealthy. And among those are people who are themselves simple, in certain important ways, unaware of the ways that wealth manifests as power. In this dividing Guess Who of humankind, here is the proverbial (and actual) Tom Perkins.