Free curriculum for maker-kids: toy hacking, 3D printing, Arduino rovers and more!

Andy Forest from Makerkids, a Toronto makerspace for kids, writes, "Together, Kids Learning Code, MakerKids, TIFF and the Toronto Public Library have just finished developing 7 comprehensive maker curriculum modules for libraries, schools and other organizations who want to get kids started being Makers. The Mozilla Hive Network Toronto provided funding support.

The modules are designed for a non-technical audience and contain all the information needed to teach these topics:"

– 3D Printing
– Toy Hacking
– Arduino Rovers
– Stop Motion Animation
– Creating YouTube Videos
– Game Design with Scratch
– Introduction to HTML & CSS

We're showing off these free open source modules right now at a popup makerspace at the Ontario Library Association's "Superconference". You can download the modules at our Making Makers web page.

MakerKids at the Ontario Library Association Superconference