Namibia's vintage guru on fashion, thrifting, and Namibian style

Loux the Vintage Guru's Tumblr is full of photos of snazzily dressed models clad in the vintage clothing Loux discovers in the markets of Namibia and the styles he creates based on them. In a revealing interview, Loux (a self-described "hipster") vividly describes the process of thrifting in Nambian markets, and the fashion potential he's unlocking by reimagining the clothes of his parents' generation.

From a young age, I was inspired by my late grandfather, the old man always dressed in suits and shiny shoes and would tell me, "my son, fashion is what you adopt when you don't yet know who you are, make sure you are always well-dressed". So I grew up loving fashion from childhood…

I learned from local tailors in Namibia as well as some friends I made from Japan. But I do believe the ability to design well is a God-given talent. I didn't go to school to study it but I do have plans to further improve my skills and go to fashion school one day soon. For now, I have a very small workshop, I'm an emerging tailor and get training from professional tailors. I often use their workshops where they assist me in bringing my pieces together…

I call my style sophisticated-punk, it's a bit of a mixture, but I think true style is an expression of your day to day mood. I fell in love with vintage pieces, especially from the 1960s, and normally alter them to fit me and modernise them in my own way. Most of the suits I wear are actually my late Dad's suits. I wear a hat with every outfit as well as vintage club ties– I think they're both stylish and respectful.

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