Dan Goldman's Red Light Properties: realtors who specialize in exorcising haunted houses

Back in 2011, I reviewed Dan Goldman's excellent indie comic Red Light Properties, which has now been picked up for mass publication by the good folks at IDW. Here's what I wrote then:

Dan Goldman's Red Light Properties is a serial webcomic about a Florida real-estate brokerage that specializes in exorcising haunted houses and then listing them for cheap. Goldman (who created the fantastic 08 graphic novel) takes a somewhat lighthearted premise and uses it as contrast to make the fundamental spookiness of his stories stand out in stark relief. Goldman's ghost stories made the hairs on the back of my neck prickle, while the bawdy slapstick interludes served only to lure me into dropping my guard for the next scare. Highly recommended.

Goldman's earlier work includes 08: A Graphic Diary of the Campaign Trail, a gorgeous and engrossing history of the 2008 elections, and Shooting War, a trenchant commentary on war photography in the Internet age. As with Red Light Properties, both books blend photography, xerography, computer graphics and illustration in a style that's reminiscent of Dave Gibbons and Cameron Stewart and really jumps off the page.

Goldman is touring with Red Light Properties, and we have his tour schedule (which finishes with a stop at Mumbai Comic-Con!) as well as the first 28 pages of the new book after the jump.

Tour dates:
* February 19: Word Books (Brooklyn, NY)
* March 12: Austin Books (Austin, TX)
* March 22: Locust Moon Comics (Philadelphia, PA)
* May 11-12: TCAF (Toronto, ON)
* June 20-22: Heroes Con (Charlotte, NC)
* July 24-27: SDCC (San Diego, CA)
* Sept 5-7: Baltimore Con (Baltimore, MD) <<<<< Launch RLP Vol. 2 here
* 10/9-12: NYCC (New York, NY)
* 10/25: Locust Moon Festival (Philadelphia, PA)
* 12/21-22: Mumbai Comic-Con (Mumbai, India)

Red Light Properties