Big Mouth Billy Bass animatronic fish frightens away burglar

The proprietor of the "Hooked on Fishing" store in Rochester, MN hung a Big Mouth Billy Bass animatronic by his store's door as a means of notifying him when new customers entered. The fish also doubles as burglar-frightening device: according to the Olmsted County Sheriff, the noise it made "spooked" a burglar who'd kicked the door in, sending the miscreant off empty-handed.

Now just imagine what he could have done if he's installed GNU/Linux on his animatronic fish.

The Olmsted County Sheriff says someone broke into the "Hooked on Fishing" store off of Highway 63 North in Rochester. The suspect reportedly kicked down the door, but was spooked by a Big Mouth Billy Bass singing fish. It's a fake mounted fish that sings songs like "Take Me To The River." The shop has it set up so the fish will start singing anytime someone walks in the door.

Singing Fish Spooks Burglar [KAAL TV]

(via Consumerist)