This Day in Blogging History: Hobbits demand NZ silence on sweet filming deal; Tiny homemade Soviet sub; Geek love poem

One year ago today

Hobbit producers to New Zealand: if you tell people how we got our sweet tax/labor deal, no one will want to make movies in your country: The production company that made the Hobbit convinced the government of New Zealand to suspend its labor laws and tax laws. Now the NZ Labour Party is asking for the details of the deal that the company struck with the government to be disclosed, and the production company is fighting it.

Five years ago today

Homemade Soviet-era Russian sub: Mikhail Puchkov decided to design and build a personal submarine during the stifling era of Leonid Brezhnev's regime when he was barely twenty years old. He built it secretly in an attic in Ryazan.

Ten years ago today
Geek love poem: Roses are #FF0000;
Violets are #0000FF;
chown -R you ~/base