This Day in Blogging History: Litterplugs; Mr Rogers podcast; Harlan Ellison v Internet

One year ago today

Litterplugs: where the trash gets wedged: Even if they're obviously in no way trashcans, and likely will never be emptied or cleaned by any human being on earth, and in most cases there's a real trashcan mere feet away, they at least share a vague similarity to the raw concept of a trashcan.

Five years ago today

Mister Rogers — Podcast appreciation: A man so nice that when his car was stolen, the thieves returned it once they figured out whose car it was; a man so nice that he was able to stop a Burger King ad that used a soundalike by publicly declaring that he was "disappointed" in them.

Ten years ago today
Harlan Ellison's AOL/Time-Warner suit: Harlan Ellison's ongoing suit against AOL/Time-Warner, in which he asserts that AOL should actively police its newsfeeds and restrict access to feeds that carry infringing materials, and be on the hook if they are insufficently diligent in their restriction of access to information.