Gweek podcast 133: Emphatically not recommending Flappy Bird

In each episode of Gweek, I invite a guest or two to join me in a discussion about recommended media, apps, and gadgets. This time my guests were Molly Ball, a reporter covering national politics for The Atlantic magazine in Washington. (And she's my cousin!), and Roman Mars, the creator of 99% Invisible, a public radio and podcast about design and architecture, and co-founder of Radiotopia from PRX — a new collective of story-driven podcasts.

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Molly's picks:

I did manage to get Flappy Bird before it was too late, but I would emphatically not recommend it. An anti-recommendation.

Obsessed with Lorde to an embarrassing degree.

Roman's picks

TLDR podcast – a "spin off" of On the Media

Face Off on SyFy is our family show, which I really enjoy.

Mark's pick:

Bitcoin mining – My daughter and I thought it would be fun to set up bitcoin mining. She asked how much we could make per day. I had no idea. I guessed under a dollar a day. But I used this calculator and it turns out that my iMac would make 1 penny's worth of bitcoin in 24 hours and consume 43 cents of electricity to make that penny. We might do it anyway.

Google 2-Step verification – After reading about the poor guy who lost his @N twitter handle, I'm beefing up my email security

And much more!