Crowdfunding "Nothing to Hide," an anti-stealth game about surveillance

Elizabeth sez, "Nothing To Hide is an anti-stealth game, where you're forced to help in your own surveillance. It was released yesterday, in honor of The Day We Fight Back, and you can play the HTML5 demo right now. The game is dedicated to the public domain, with all the art and code on Github. ("Nothing To Hide has nothing to hide.") They've just launched a crowdfunding campaign to fully build this open source game. Ten percent of the funds raised will go to digital rights groups like the EFF, Demand Progress, and Freedom of the Press Foundation."

In this anti-stealth game, you're forced to help with your own surveillance. Act like you're always on stage. A fake smile for the camera. If you can't hide who you are… you have to hide who you really are.

All our art/code/music is open source and uncopyrighted. You're free to copy, remix, record, and do whatever with this game! By giving up "power" over our art, our art has more power.

I don't take your entire pledge upfront. I only claim part of your pledge for each new milestone I hit, and you can cancel the rest of your pledge at any time. You only complete your pledge when I complete my project.

10% of your pledge goes to Mozilla, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Creative Commons, Demand Progress, and the Freedom of the Press Foundation. Because we need our digital rights in this digital age.

Nothing To Hide: an anti-stealth game where you are your own watchdog.

(Thanks, Elizabeth!)