Murderer buried victim in concrete and sold off his Magic: The Gathering trading cards, then blamed twin

William Cormier III was convicted this week of killing journalist Sean Dugas, burying his body in a concrete-covered pit in Georgia, then selling off his rare Magic: The Gathering playing cards, part of a set valued at $100,000.

Defense attorneys said during closing arguments that prosecutors didn't prove that Cormier killed Dugas, and instead suggested his twin was responsible. Cormier's twin brother, Christopher, pleaded no contest to charges of helping his brother move Dugas' body from Florida to Georgia. Christopher Cormier has not been sentenced yet. Dugas' body was unearthed more than a month after his 2012 death in the backyard of Cormier's father's home in Winder, Ga., which is about 300 miles northeast of Pensacola. Cormier was the only witness to testify for the defense. He told jurors Wednesday he was acting under the direction of his twin and that he did not know Dugas' was dead when he sold more than $12,000 of his cards and cleaned out his home.