Anders Breivik threatens hunger strike over "torture" of only getting a PS2

Mass-murderer Anders Breivik has issued a second letter of complaint about the conditions he's endured in a Norwegian prison since killing 77 teenagers attending a conference for the youth wing of a left-wing political party (here's the first, which runs to 27 pages and features a demand for moisturizer). This time around, Breivik is upset that he is forced to use an outdated Playstation 2 and isn't allowed to choose his own games; wants his uncomfortable cell-chair replaced with an armchair or sofa; and more. He threatens a hunger-strike if his 12 demands are not met.

As Lowering the Bar points out, Breivik's demand that his daily searches be ended is somewhat reasonable, especially if he's not mixing with the general population, as these would appear to be more about vindictive punishment than safety. But a hunger strike over being forced to make do with the award-winning 1999 game Rayman Revolution rather than more adult fare is a just grandstanding, as is calling the PS2 situation "torture."

Rayman Revolution is the PS2 adaptation of Rayman 2: The Great Escape, released in 1999. In it, Rayman escapes from the Robo-Pirates' prison, after which The Teensies open the Hall of Doors for him so he can travel the world collecting Yellow Lums and searching for the four masks of Polokus, the spirit being who is the only force able to defeat the Robo-Pirates. Basically, the usual bullshit. The game is appropriate for ages 8 and above, so that part of Breivik's claim is bogus. And although released some time ago, it was consistently praised and appears on many "best games of all time" lists. So if the Norwegians intended to torture Breivik this way, it seems unlikely that they would give him access to this title, which actually should offer an enjoyable experience FOR THE MASS MURDERER WHO IS NOW COMPLAINING BECAUSE THE VIDEO GAMES HE IS GIVEN IN PRISON ARE NOT HIS FAVORITES.

But maybe the Norwegians have something even more diabolical in store. It's possible that they are setting him up for a long legal battle over access to the PS3, and only after eventually providing him with one will they disclose that there is now a PS4 and he can't have one.

Denial of PlayStation 3 Games Is "Torture," Complains Mass Murderer