The creation of Falkor

I asked BBS moderator Falcor the Don't-Push-Your-Luck Dragon to explain its origins. It refused to answer, but did point out that it was nothing like that of cousin Falkor the Luck Dragon, star of 1984's The Never Ending Story.

Atleast two differend models of Falkor were used in the "Neverending Story". The first and most imposing one, was over 15 meters long with a tail measuring around 4 meters, a neck of 3 meters and a head with a weigth of 100 Kg. Constructed by Guiseppe Tortura, the frame was made of airplane steel. Because of its size, only special parts could be moved. It had 16 moving facilities which controlled 36 tackles enabling this Falcor to speak, laugh, roll its eyes, twinkle and frown. The skin contained around 10000 handsized scales and 100 kg of pink Angora-wool. The face of the Luckdragon was created by Arthur Collin who had to make several tries untill the final version was to the directors content.