Pecard, an incredible leather dressing (review)

Pecard leather dressing completely transformed my favorite, beat-into-the-ground motorcycling jacket. My old Triumph jacket went from well faded and dried-out to beautifully worn-in, in one treatment.

A few months back my girlfriend found a beautiful jacket to protect her as we enjoy some touring via motorcycle this year. It is strong, stylish and the leather is very thick. It is also beautifully treated. It needing some breaking in, but the leather just felt wonderful. I looked at my sad little Triumph number from years gone by and remembered when he looked and felt just as nice.

I'd neglected this jacket for too long. The red leather had turned pinkish, the black was greying and faded in large patches and the white was pretty much cardboard; I felt my jacket was at that point where the right leather treatment would either turn it into a disaster I never wore again or a treasured objet d'art. To find that magic lotion that could bring it back to life required me to turn to the one true source of all that is right: internet forums. Be they furniture, COSplay or antique restoration forums, they spoke as if in one voice: Pecard was pretty universally the answer.

I ordered the motorcycle dressing in clear and in black. Pecard makes many use-specific leather restoratives. This black could be, as they say, none-more-black. It's blacker than black, it is black. The stuff goes on like a paste. I applied it with a soft, cloth rag. The results were visible within a few moments. The waxy, thick and oily paste spreads out and is absorbed by the leather. It is absorbed deeply, and the leather quickly changes color. I worked it in until there was a sticky patina uniformly over one area, and then moved on. I was careful to do all the colored areas with clear first as the wax-build up gives you time to wipe black smudges off. The black seems impregnated with dye and will color everything back to a very deep, good, perfect for a leather motorcycle jacket black. Do not get it on areas that should not be black.

The photo shows my jacket half way through the process. I did both black and clear on one half so you can see the difference. As it has dried the sheen has died down but the colors remain vibrantly restored and the leather feels wonderful.

I'll do another coat in a few days, but I'm sold. I'll be trying Pecard on another, less colorful jacket, and some furniture.

Pecard Motorcycle Leather Dressing 2.5oz