Toronto Web Fest call for submissions

Robbo sez, "The first annual Toronto Web Fest is happening this May 9-11th and they are still taking submissions until March 9th – so if anyone has a Web series they'd like to enter – now is the time.

T.O. WebFest is a 3 day festival of screenings and industry events being held at the Harbourfront Centre to celebrate the burgeoning Web series community.

Toronto is recognized as an active hub of web series creation and the fest will be an opportunity to share local works with an incredible array of offerings from around the world. These are works made specifically for release online and are not the sort of thing you'd find on broadcast television – although the production values and quality of storytelling matches and surpasses most anything you'd find on TV.

Official selections will be announced April 1st.

Full disclosure: I'm the acting president of the Independent Web Series Creators of Canada (IWCC) and we're the ones organizing the festival. It's gonna be fucking awesome.


(Thanks, Robbo!)