Crowdfunding research into memory and technology

Jason & Farah, cognitive science postdocs at Washington University, write, "We humans have always used our surroundings to extend our memory. But is the technology of today enhancing human memory, or replacing it? Help us do the research! We plan to gather survey data and run Internet-based psychology experiments to find out:
How are people currently using technology for memory purposes?
How well do people understand the technology and their reliance on it?
Are there ways to improve the interplay between technology and human memory?"

We need the public to help enable this timely research! Any amount helps (yes even $1!), and backers will have exclusive access to our lab notes and data analyses as the research occurs. Turbo-bonus rewards for larger donations!

We're participating in the 4th SciFund Challenge, a crowd-funding event for scientific research.

How Does Technology Affect Our Memory?

(Thanks, Jason!)