SureFire E2D 'Defender,' best flash light I've ever owned

I live in a place so dark that grues are a legitimate concern. I've found no super bright flashlight better sized or more dependable than the SureFire E2D Defender. I also have not found many more expensive. Shockingly, it is worth the $185!

The palm sized E2D cranks out 500 lumens of INTENSE white light in bright mode. It is like daylight for 50 or so feet in front of you and casts around 100 yards of very good visibility. The battery conserving 5 lumen mode is plenty bright for most simple walking down the street, even if it is pitch black and the road quality sucks. I find I get a few months out of a set of 123a batteries. I keep a box in the freezer.

The price is super high for a flashlight but this SureFire is pretty much super durable and reliable. If you live or work somewhere that calls for a bright flashlight very often, this one is worth having! The anodized aluminum body screws tightly together and, while not water-proof, uses o-rings to help keep the elements out (mine has, accidentally, been in the hot tub.) It beats my other, hand-cranked flashlights by far.

I do not employ the Defender elements and can not comment as to their efficacy, unless it is against grues. I have not been eaten. The E2D is a bright and solid light. It stands on those merits alone.

SureFire E2D Defender Ultra Dual Output LED Flashlight

Surefire 12 Pack Boxed 123A Lithium Batteries