Crowdfunding Xylovan: a musical instrument mutant vehicle

Mack writes, "XyloVan is a roving musical mutant vehicle that our family built four years ago. Thousands of musicians, kids, Burners and amateur XyloVanists have enjoyed banging on the van, everywhere we've taken it.

But its weird old heart blew a gasket last summer on the way to the playa, and we had to have it towed home.

We're raising money to give it a new motor, some front-end work and general upgrades to get it back on the road, plus we're building a strobing, pulsing new lights-and-sound system for its reappearance this summer in Black Rock City, NV.

Please give our Indiegogo campaign a look – we're offering some pretty neat hand-machined perks to our generous donors. Thanks!"

We also aim to give XyloVan a big makeover so it's even more of a joy for everyone to play:

Build some innovative new instruments

Upgrade the sound system for better clarity and beauty

Give it a new paint job and cleaner-looking wheels

Install a rad computer-controlled lighting system for more dazzle at night events

Create a collapsible outer-shell to earn a Mutant Vehicle permit from Burning Man's so we can drive XyloVan everywhere on the playa to reach thousands more XyloVanists. Otherwise it has to stay put and only a few hundred people will get to play!

XyloVan – Phase 2!

(Thanks, Mack!)