For sale: Maurice Sendak's Lindbergh kidnapping souvenir ladder

Hiland writes, "The auction website Hakes is featuring a bunch of things from the estate of Maurice Sendak. A particular one of note is the miniature Lindbergh Baby kidnapping trial souvenir wooden ladder."

During Ted Hake's June, 1981 visit, Maurice Sendak explained that "Outside Over There" completed his trilogy and was inspired by his fear, at the age of four (in 1932), of being kidnapped as was the son of Charles Lindbergh. Maurice related that he was too young to understand that kidnapping poor Jewish children from the streets of Brooklyn would not be profitable for anyone. However, his obsession only deepened w/the sensationalism surrounding the 1935 Hauptmann trial. In fact, Maurice told Ted during his visit that among his top wants was one of the miniature souvenir wooden ladders created and sold by an enterprising Flemington, NJ. local to the trial visitors looking for a souvenir. It took Ted 29 years, but Maurice got his ladder in 2009. Maurice's personal version of the famous ladder used in the Lindbergh baby kidnapping is shown on the opening pages of "Outside Over There" being carried and used by the goblins.


(Thanks, Hiland!)