Crowdfunding a smart, open source beehive to monitor hive-collapse

Tristan writes, "The Open Source Beehives project is a partnership between the Open Tech Collaborative and Fab Lab Barcelona crowd-sourcing a solution to the bee colony collapse issue.

The team have developed two 'printable', flat packable beehive designs that can be downloaded and CNC routed from a single sheet of plywood. The project aims to facilitate backyard beekeepers concerned about colony collapse while reenforcing local bee populations in both urban and rural areas.

The project just launched a crowdfunding campaign to bootstrap development of a sensor board that will monitor and publish data on conditions in the hive on the Smart Citizen platform. With enough adopters, the team hope to solve the mystery of whats causing colony collapse with hard data, and hold those responsible to account.

Open Source Beehives

(Thanks, Tristan!)