Waterproof iPod Shuffle

I am so happy with this waterproof iPod Shuffle by Underwater Audio! Swimming, surfing and scuba diving, three of my favorite hobbies, are all amazingly enhanced!

I have no idea what they do, or how they do it; Underwater Audio claims their water-proofed shuffles are good to 200'. It is just a regular, made by Apple, iPod Shuffle they do something magical to. I've used mine as deep as 60' with no problems. The audio quality is good enough for when you are in the water and I really have no complaints. I simply velcro the unit to my facemask, goggles or hood and away I go.

Everything works like a regular iPod except the buttons are a little bit stiffer. Swimming for exercise with music is made amazingly better. For scuba,I find them fun on night dives but largely just a distraction unless its a pure pleasure dive (no photography.) Surfing with Dick Dale playing is sort of without compare. I'm sure they are great for other water sports and activities too!

Underwater Audio's Waterproof iPod Shuffle