HOWTO make your own chocolate chip cookie milk-cups

On Instructables, Klee67 has remade the chocolate chip cookie shot glass recipe in a home version that anyone can bake. Her tutorial starts with a modified version of the Serious Eats "Best Chocolate Chip Cookie" (increasing the flour and beating more), baked in a popover pan with molds made from corks, foil, paper towel rolls and baking parchment. She's still looking for a viable glaze to keep the seepage to a minimum. Do you have any ideas?

Here's a review of the Mark II cookie-cups that cronut inventor Dominique Ansel sells at his NYC bakery.

The regular cookie dough (which had less flour and was beaten less, making it softer and more malleable) did not yield a successful cookie shot glass. Its structure was much looser and, while still delicious, was extremely porous and was difficult to get the foil plug out of.

Also, if you don't line the outside of the cookie shot glass with parchment paper, it doesn't stick, but it does spill over the edge, making a weird, muffin-top-y-style glass.

Lastly, when the bottoms of my first batch turned out thicker than I would've liked, I tried putting no bottom at all on some in the second batch, hoping that the dough would melt and drip down…
…but since I switched to a higher temperature on the second batch, this didn't happen at all, so I got a cookie spyglass instead.

How to Make Your Own Cookie Shot Glass

(via Lifehacker)