Alaska senator on a comedy news video about NSA surveillance

Pat sez, "Alaska Robotics News is a political satire series covering the Alaska legislative session. We've had good luck at engaging law makers and have had several notable guests on the show. U.S. Senator Mark Begich recently joined us to talk about NSA dragnet surveillance and precognitive policing.

We have a small group of writers contributing the the show and enjoy a lot of support from our community. This segment was a good opportunity to get outside our local issues and poke at the boiling frog of government surveillance."

A lot of people
ask us about the robots. Alaska Robotics is a label we use for our creative projects, comics and short films. We also run a gallery/comic book store in Juneau and you can actually find our satire work on Boing Boing dating back to 2007.

On a side note, I'd love to play poker with James Clapper, look at that tell!

AKRN Ep4 – Senator Begich on the NSA

(Thanks, Pat!)