Free science fictional graphic novel about the student debt conspiracy

Christopher Kosek writes, "'The Default Trigger' is a 52 page, free (with a pay what you want version available) digital graphic novel about student loan debt, the shadowy figures lurking in the background who watch over our struggles and their insidious conspiracy to keep this cycle going. It's written and illustrated by me, Christopher Kosek. Plot (with spoilers): When a recent college grad, Joseph Doakes, defaults on over $100k in student loans,"

he receives a mysterious phone call offering to clear his debts in exchange for 2 weeks of service to his country. The catch, he won't be allowed to remember any of it. The rest of the story takes him through a series of blackouts. A new job he never applied for, waking up in and out of conversations, and finally being strapped to a lab table having brain procedures done to him.

We find out, this is all a plot by the government to trap our our most talented young people into volunteering for a process that prepares them for an inevitable alien colonization of earth and putting "body snatched" Americans into positions of leadership. When Joseph's procedures keep going wrong, he is sent back into the world, with a head full of conspiracy theories to hide the truth in plain sight.

The Default Trigger

Pay what you like version

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(Thanks, Christopher!)