Bell Bullitt TT: first impression helmet review

I found myself desperately in need of a new helmet. Upon seeing the Bell Bullitt TT I knew I had to try it. Having had the helmet in my possession a mere 48 hours and having ridden a sum total of 75 miles with it, 15 or so in the rain, I am in love! It rides better than it looks and it is breathtaking.

Aside from the looks, the helmet is a pleasure to wear. It goes on over the ears tight and the XS fits my hat size 56 skull perfectly. The bubble shield and wide open viewport allow for the widest useful peripheral vision, but I barely notice the helmet in my sight. Closed, on a very cold morning, it never fogged once–even in the rain. It is a bit louder than more refined helmets with spoilers and air dams, but for something this simple, I enjoyed how my Triumph Scrambler sounds while wearing this helmet. My old helmet muffled things a bit too much.

The fit and finish are just beautiful. A friend flattered me over coffee, asking if the helmet was one of a kind. From the chromed screen on the vents to beautiful brown leather and suede accents, every detail was looked after. On my extra-small sized helmet the red bull's eye targets are smaller proportionally to the size of the helmet than the dinner plate-sized spots on a friend's large size helmet. I prefer the helmet that fits. There are other colors.

I also love how low-profile this helmet is while still being DOT certified.

I'll report back in a while and we'll see if I'm still happy with it. Perhaps of interest: my other helmets are a Roof Boxer, an Icon Crossbone Racer, and I have a never-before-seen-by-me Arai Defiant that Mark kindly stores under his desk.