Roku R3500R streaming stick: Roku gets even better

I've replaced the playback devices on every TV in my home with a Roku 3. The Roku R3500R is even better! Smaller, but with the same access to the immense catalog of content and ability to feed it anything I like. This streaming stick is the way to go!

Plug the R3500R right into your HDMI port and away you go. With the same great remote and an identical ability to work with an app as the Roku 3, the only difference seems to be a lack of games I've never played. I'm saving tons of cash every month, having cancelled my DirecTV, and rely on the Roku for nearly all my content. I pay for Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. Between the three, I get everything I need… honestly, Netflix is getting a little weak and I may cancel.

Oh! They do not include the cute purple headphones with the R3500R, but I'm not complaining.

There's 1080p support. I can connect via Plex to my Drobo. For half the price of a Roku 3 you cannot go wrong!

Roku 3500R Streaming Stick (HDMI) (2014)

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