Wonderful new book about "Magic Experience Design" (in Italian)



Today marks the Italian publication of "L'arte Di Stupire" ("The Art of Amazement") the new book by Boing Boing friends and collaborators Ferdinando Buscema and Mariano Tomatis whose work is best described as "magic experience design." I've read a draft English translation and it's absolutely fantastic. I can't wait for the eventual publication of the English edition. Here's what I said about the book:

Buscema and Tomatis are modern day mystics who move seamlessly between the realms of science, art, and magic, seeking wonder at every turn. They delight in inspiring us all to cultivate curiosity and embrace astonishment in our daily lives. This brilliant book is an empowering grimoire for hacking reality and giving the gift of magical experiences to others.

If you don't read Italian, there are still myriad opportunities to dive into Ferdinando and Mariano's creations in English. I suggest starting with the two videos below! The first is Ferdinando's magnificent presentation at our Boing Boing Ingenuity event last summer. And the second is Mariano's classic magical clip about how to make chocolate out of nothing. From there, I encourage you to explore their individual sites: Mariano Tomatis: Wonder Injector and Ferdinando Buscema: Magic Experience Designer! Congratulations, Ferdinando and Mariano!

"L'arte Di Stupire"