Geeky temporary tatts: TATTONOMY

Harry sez, "Tattoos are the best form of self expression, but let's face it, some of us don't want to get something permanent on our skin that we might regret for the rest of our lives. That's where TATTONOMY comes in. They've created temporary tattoos with geeky designs that you will never regret having. You put them on with water, they stay on for a few days and then you wave goodbye to your geeky design."

Harry's the CPU Wars guy — a good egg.

At $5 per set of temporary tattoos, including free shipping to the US & UK, they are also a lot cheaper than getting a real tattoo. They launched a few days ago with their first 12 designs catering to all types of geeks and they intend to launch new designs monthly to expand their collection. Their dreams don't stop there. They want to bring crowdsourcing to temporary tattoo designs (where you get to submit and choose which designs are produced) and help charities along the way.

TATTONOMY – World's Geekiest Temporary Tattoos

(Thanks, Harry!)