Taiwan: Watch the "Sunflower Movement" student occupation of congress via live video stream

A screenshot from the livestream of a youth protest in Taiwan.

A Taiwanese protester looks out from a window next to a cartoon of President Ma Ying-jeou at Taiwan's legislature. The Chinese characters read, "Anti-black box" (top, L), "Communist Ma the black hand" (bottom, L), "Rape Taiwan" (R) and "9% approval rating." Photo: Reuters/Patrick Lin.

Yingli, a Boing Boing pal in China, sends us a note about ongoing protests in Taiwan, which you can observe online via livestreamed video. Since March 18, 2014, college-age Taiwanese youth have been protesting their government's handling of the Cross-Strait Agreement, a treaty between mainland China and Taiwan that would substantially liberalize trade relations between the two economies. The organized youth are known as "The Sunflower Movement," or "The March 18 Movement."

Yingli says, "What is most fascinating is that they are livestreaming the occupation of the Legistlative Yuan (the government office where they tried passing this legislation against the wishes of people) by college-age students."

Police use water cannons to disperse demonstrators as they protest near Taiwan's government headquarters in Taipei, early morning March 24, 2014. Photo: Reuters/Cheng Ko.

"Here's a collection of other livestreams, including English ones and transcripts of the happenings," writes Yingli. "Tealeafnation wrote an awesome article on the matter. The revolution will be liveblogged, livestreamed and livetweeted, amiright??"

Students occupying Taiwan's legislature. Photo: Reuters/Patrick Lin

From g0v.today:

The Sunflower Student Movement (太陽花學運), also known as the March 18 Student Movement (318學運) or Occupy Taiwan Legislature (佔領國會事件), Occupy Parliament or Occupy Legislative Yuan, often followed with hashtags #佔領立法院, #太陽花學運‬, #CongressOccupied, #TaiwanProtest or #SunflowerMovement, is a Taiwanese protest movement driven by a coalition of students and civic groups that began on March 18, 2014, in the Legislative Yuan (Parliament) and, later, also the Executive Yuan (executive branch) of Taiwan. The activists protested the passing of the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement by the ruling party Kuomintang (KMT) at the legislature without clause-by-clause review. (source: Wikipedia)

Live video feeds:

English live video feed from inside the conference hall of the Legislative Yuan (Taiwan's Parliament)

• Chinese live video feeds are regrouped here.

• Apple Daily: here and here (both at the Legislative Yuan)

Qingdao East Road

Inside the Legislative Yuan

Nico Video (Japanese channel)

At the Executive Yuan (executive branch of the government)

Video Link

Students protest inside Taiwan's Executive Yuan in Taipei on March 23. Photo: Reuters/Cheng Ko.