Open net gets a huge boost in the EU: net neutrality and no roaming fees

Andrew sez, "The fight for the Open Web and Net Neutrality won a big one today after the EU Parliament voted to approve EU Parliamentarian Marietje Schaacke's proposal to codify Net Neutrality in EU law. Here's her statement after the winning vote:"

"After months of negotiations, the European Parliament has today adopted my proposal to close the last remaining loopholes in the text, in order to enshrine net neutrality in European law. This is essential for competitiveness, innovation and the open internet in Europe. The Parliament supports the rights of consumers and a level playing field for all players in the digital single market. 500 million Europeans must soon be able to rely on legal guarantees for an open internet."

"However the battle is not over yet. The proposal still needs to go through the Council (all EU members' representatives). but changing the law or watering it down will be hard from this point. Either way, if you haven't heard of Marietje Schaake and her tireless defense of the Internet, click on the link and follow her on Twitter @MarietjeSchaake. She is a member of the D66 Party in the Netherlands."

MEP: European Parliament supports proposal Schaake to enshrine net neutrality in European law

(Thanks, Andrew!)