This Day in Blogging History: Ohio's illegal debtor's prisons; Red Cross says medical workers helped CIA torturers; 600 quintillion possible spellings of viagra

One year ago today

Widespread, illegal debtors' prisons in Ohio: A new ACLU report called The Outskirts of Hope documents the rise of illegal debtors prisons in Ohio. A majority of municipal and mayors' courts surveyed by the ACLU routinely imprison people for their inability to pay fines, a practice banned in both the US and state constitution. 20 percent of the bookings in the Huron County Jail are "related to failure to pay fines."

Five years ago today

Long-secret Red Cross Report Says Medical Workers Helped US Torture Terror Suspects: A 2007 report by the International Committee of the Red Cross concluded that medical professionals helped the CIA torture detainees held at Guantánamo Bay prison and other "black sites" overseas, and said their participation in the abuse amounted to a "gross breach of medical ethics. The report was kept secret until recently.

Ten years ago today
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