Zero-gee cocktail robotics

Samuel writes, "At Yuri's Night World Space Party in Los Angeles on April 11th 2014, my team and I will be announcing the Zero Gravity Cocktail Project. It's been nearly ten years in the making, and we still have a ways to go, but we have 3D printed glass designed to work in weightlessness. As part of the system we are also developing a 'drinkbot' which will mix and dispense a variety of drinks without the need for gravity."

You may know me from my steampunk adventures on the Neverwas Haul. Did you also know that I also built a drinkbot called the COSMOBOT? It won several awards at Robogames, was showcased at BarBot Festival in San Francisco.

On top of that I am a futurist with the Space Tourism Society, a non-profit group promoting private space experience on, above and orbiting the Earth. This project was conceived during my tenure with the Society, and only recently with my experience building the COSMOBOT and gathering an amazing team of designers, Hollywood fabricators, and a celebrity bartender, is this project becoming real.

My team and I hope that by announcing this project during the great space celebration of Yuri's Night we can attract sponsors who want to be associated with the first cocktail made in zero gravity. We need funding to build more prototypes and to test them on the ZeroG parabolic aircraft.

Cosmic Lifestyle

(Thanks, Sam!)