Vodo's indie science fiction bundle: comics, movies, novels, and more!

Jamie from Vodo writes, "We've launched Otherworlds, our first indie
sci-fi bundle! This pay-what-you-want, crossmedia collection includes the
graphic novel collecting Cory's own 'Futuristic Tales of the Here and Now',
Jim Munroe's micro-budget sci-fi satire 'Ghosts With Shit Jobs',
Robert Venditti's New York
Times Bestselling graphic novel 'The Surrogates', and Amber Benson/Adam Busch's
alien office farce, 'Drones'. Check out the whole bundle and choose your own price 5%
of earnings go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation!"

I love Vodo — they produce gorgeous, high-quality science fiction shows that are CC licensed; each episode is released once donors have pitched in to pay for it. It's a business-model that lets them make good art based on generosity, trust and working with the Internet, instead of stamping their feet and insisting that it change to suit their needs.