This Day in Blogging History: March for assassinated priest in Guatemala; MBAs suck; Size matters (to the Royal Mail)

One year ago today

Guatemala: March for assassinated priest, and justice, as genocide trial remains in limbo: Today here in Guatemala, demonstrators marched through the streets of the capital to honor the life of Bishop Juan Gerardi, a Catholic priest and human rights champion. He was beaten to death 15 years ago today, two days after releasing a report about victims of the country's 36-year internal armed conflict. Gerardi has become even more of a hero since what the faithful describe as "his martyrdom."

Five years ago today

MBAs: Most Bloody Awful, Aussie radio documentary on the problem with biz-school: In this superb Australian public radio documentary, "MBA: Mostly bloody awful," the idea of "scientific management" and "professional management" is subjected to an extremely critical look and comes up wanting.

Ten years ago today
Size, not weight, is the key factor in shipping logistics: The Royal Mail, which currently prices shipping on weight, is petitioning to change its pricing to be based on size — apparently, size is the most important determinant of the actual cost of shipping goods.