Interview with creator of "My Husband's Stupid Record Collection" blog

Ben Marks of Collectors Weekly says: "Sarah O'Holla has been burning up the interwebs of late for her My Husband's Stupid Record Collection blog, in which she's writing a review of every vinyl record in her husband's 1,500-LP collections (she's up the the "B"s). Everyone from Jezebel to Flavorwire to Slate has weighed in on the "gender politics" around her project, but we thought it might be useful to interview Sarah herself, as well as her husband, Alex Goldman, owner of said stupid collection."

Collectors Weekly: Before the blog, was Alex's collection something you shared?

O'Holla: A little bit, but it always felt like more his thing. Whenever the pile of records got to be too messy, it was his job to put them away, because he knew how to do it better than I did. I knew how to use the record player and the other equipment, and I've definitely discovered a lot of music through his collection. But when I had the idea for the blog, I also realized I usually go to my favorites, bands that I already know, like Sonic Youth.

It's tricky to put on an album that you've never heard of, especially because Alex's taste is so eclectic. You could be getting a crazy hardcore punk band or you could be getting a sweet indie-pop band. Like most people, when I put on music I want it to fit the kind of mood I'm in, so that risk is a little too much sometimes.

Goldman: You probably aren't going to remember this, but very early in our relationship, you were looking through my record collection for something to put on, and you pulled out a record by godheadSilo. I was like, "I don't think you're going to like this." And you were like, "Why?" And I was like, "Look, you can put it on if you want, but I think you should pick something else."

O'Holla: And what was it?

Goldman: It's a band that's just bass and drums, and it's super distorted with this guy screaming. You'll hear it soon enough.

O'Holla: Did I put it on?

Goldman: No, you didn't.

O'Holla: But I might have liked it.

Goldman: You might have liked it. Judging by your reviews of Arab on Radar and Anthrax and bands like that, I've been very presumptuous. I've learned amazing stuff about you as a result of this blog.

I have to say, Goldman's record collection is fantastic.