Cabinet of Curiosities at National Museum of Wildlife Art

Wonder Cabinet installation 02

This stunning cabinet of curiosities is on display at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Curated by Bronwyn Minton, the exhibition, titled "Wonder Cabinet: A Collection of Curiosities," consists of more than 300 objects from the museum's permanent collection, borrowed from other wunderkammern, and new work created by artists Minton invited to participate. In true cabinet of curiosities form, real specimens and artifacts from natural history are mixed with gaffes, oddities, and mysteries. The show runs until August 31, 2014. Below is another view of the gallery and a detail photo of BB pal Isabel Rucker's contribution, "Aven-Mus Dentatis."

"I found and examined the skull in a nearby field, surmised the
taxonomy and painstakingly researched and worked backwards to fully
illustrate the now vanished creature," Rucker says.

IsabelRucker aven mus dentatis01

Wonder Cabinet installation 01