Mayor Rob Ford recording: drunken, sexist, racist, homophobic, abusive rant

The recording of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack (again) isn't the only recording to emerge of the mayor; he was also recorded making drunken, racist, homophobic, misogynist remarks at a bar where he was also abusive to the bartender and said rather revolting things about his wife.

Of note in the recording was the mayor's vulgar remarks about Karen Stintz, one of his electoral rivals. Ford previously called another female political rival a liar after she accused him of drunkenly grabbing her ass and propositioning her at a Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee.

In other news, the mayor also allegedly participated in an all-night, coke-fuelled drunken sex party at a nightclub where he vomited in the toilets in between verbally jousting with Justin Bieber and entertaining a group of "party girls" with his entourage.

Ford: "… the fucking flag up, ahead of our Canadian flag. I said no that's bullshit, that's bullshit! Then they said they went to Queen's Park, they said no way. Tim Hudak comes out and says yeah, I agree with all the gays should have the, I said that's it. I lost my Conservative value.."

Man's voice: "You went to Queen's Park with it. You're the mayor; you actually went to Queens Park with him."

Ford: "No, they went, the gay organization went to Queen's Park … so again, at Queen's Park, you have to have every member to vote for it."

Man's voice: "I thought you were the one …"

Ford: "No no no. And Tim says, you know what, that's right, I think it's, right there …"

(inaudible chatter)

Ford: "He lost my vote, I don't know what the fuck … I can't vote Liberal, because I don't like what (Kathleen) Wynne's doing. Not because she's gay or not, I just don't like the corruption. NDP I'm just not left wing. I just can't… I am like Tim Hudak but I can't, I won't put a sign up on my lawn, I won't put in any money. I might have to vote Green, I don't know what the fuck I'm going to vote right now, I'm going to vote something."

Man's voice: "See, that's incredible."

Ford: "But I'm absolutely going to vote, I'm probably going to vote Green because the Green guy didn't say a fucking word."


Sign on Toronto City Hall green roof.
, West Annex News, CC-BY-SA