The Shop: Toronto's new inclusive makerspace

Toronto's great wealth of makerspaces continues to grow: now there's The Shop, an "all-inclusive makerspace with a focus on woodworking, metal and ceramics."

They offer members access to well-stocked workshops with metal/woodworking tools and ceramics equipment; and they run regular classes on making various useful and lovely things at all levels of mastery, and they have a retail shop where makers can sell their creations.

Here at The Shop we believe in getting out from behind the computer to experience the joy and pride that can only be felt by making something with your hands. We are Toronto’s first all-inclusive makerspace with a focus on woodworking, metal and ceramics. In addition to providing the space and equipment to work on independent projects, we offer a wide variety of workshops and classes taught by local design professionals. We welcome makers, DIYers and hobbyists from all skill levels to hone their ideas and skills and be part of our vibrant, inspiring community.

Whether you want to make one thing or many, The Shop will support you and help your vision become a reality. Should you choose to sell your work once it is complete, we will help you with that as well, posting it on our online store and displaying it for sale in our lobby.

The Shop

(Thanks, Mom!)