Crowdfunding an illustrated A-Z defending libraries

Gary sends us, "a library crowdfunding project I am involved with. It is aiming to creatively highlight the value of public libraries to those who believe they are outdated or irrelevant. This is particularly important at the moment as many local authorities are closing libraries and reducing their hours, as a result of cuts in central government funding."

I put in £20!

We want to raise £2000 by 28th May to produce a visual A to Z of words that reflect the positive activities and benefits of libraries. These illustrations will be made available as creative commons licensed images and turned into a full colour illustrated book. The book will also include a short chapter emphasising the importance of libraries. We will use these as advocacy tools, sending them to people (particularly politicians) who may need reminding of the positive benefit of libraries.

Library A to Z illustrations, book and advocacy tools…

(Thanks, Gary!)