What are the stupid vanity-plate rules in your state?

Michael from Muckrock writes, "STFU: That's one of the license plates Virginia won't let its citizens register. In fact, a MuckRock user recently obtained a list of over 500 pages of rejected license plate suggestions, and now the site wants to take the look national, and is asking for users to sponsor-a-state (covering cost of stamps, etc) or just suggest the right place to file with."

My favorite (printable) attempt so far: APOT2PN

We've only glanced at Virginia's 500-page list. But duplicating this request for DMVs in all 50 states seems only natural, and we figure you may want to help.

Want to see what SLLY plates your state is rejecting?

Kick us $5 by contributing here (requires MuckRock login, which you can get for free here), then tell us which state you want to ask for its DMV list of rejected vanity plates.

Vanity plate rejections: What's in your state?

(Thanks, Michael!)

(Image: Text Speak License Plate, Eli Christman, CC-BY)