Kickstarting a game about cops, terrorism and cognitive bias

Guy Galer sez, "I created a game that was inspired by many of the stories found on Boing Boing. You play a FBI agent that is reassigned to the field because of the Snowden brouhaha. She then has to come to terms with data privacy, racial profiling and all sorts of cognitive biases that impact criminal investigations. It dives into a legal system where it is extremely easy to convict poor people of almost anything while it takes absurd amounts of evidence to convict the rich."

"In the end, she has to decide what to do with the data the FBI is collecting on people.

This is a modern point and click game that has a lot of adult topics including sexual preference of your character and ramifications of that choice. It also uses a lot of camp to get attention and provide a carrot for players that might be less interested in how the brain works. It is a late night B-movie with educational elements for adults."

Looks exciting! Guy's bio shows lots of long-term success in game development and shipping actual product, which bodes well the outcomes on this. $12 gets you a DRM-free game for Gnu/Linux, Mac, or Windows. I supported it.

Agent Kendall was using the Bureau as a means to pad her resume with security expertise and milk corporations with exorbitant consulting fees. Her plan took a nose dive when Snowden (and other whistle-blowers) flipped the spook world upside down, and Kendall was reassigned into the field.

The Bureau is a unique crime solving game. Hurled into the gritty action-world of arson, murder, and espionage, Kendall finds herself in over her head. It’s up to the player to ensure that she doesn't drown. Bureau is full of colorful, exotic, and eccentric characters, including Wally (a psychotic anti-extremist extremist).

The game tackles controversial subjects such as race, religion and sex, exploring how our brain works to alter reality and bias our decisions.

Bureau - Season 1

(Thanks, Guy!)