This Day in Blogging History: TSA v Naked American Hero; Star Trek action figures and Bridge reissue; Ipod/torture mashup

One year ago today

TSA hearing for "Naked American Hero" John Brennan: He was acquitted of a ridiculous indecent exposure charge, and now he is appealing an equally stupid fine from the Transportation Security Administration for "interfering with the screening process."

Five years ago today

Star Trek original bridge and action figures reissue: The Star Trek Bridge playset was, hands down, the best toy I owned as a child. I played with it for approximately 10,000 hours. Especially the whirly-twirly transporter cubicle. I loved the psychedelic cardboard viewscreens, the tippy chairs and furniture, the stick-on UI for same that was as inscrutable and ridiculous as the authentic show computers. This toy had the magic.

Ten years ago today

German newspaper Ipod/torture mashup: Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung ran this editorial illustration that remixes the Iraqi torture photos with the Ipod ads.